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The 2024 wedding trend line up has arrived, and they are SO GOOD! Each year we like to predict what we think brides will be doing/ wearing for their big day and we grab inspo from Pinterest, past weddings, and fashion trends! We’re seeing more and more couples show their love story in a unique display of décor, vibes and special touches. Let’s get into what we think will be big for 2024 brides.

1. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Having your bridesmaid wear mismatched dresses they feel confident and beautiful in has been an emerging trend for a few years now, but it is set to be bigger than ever featuring different textures, colours, and lengths. We are here for it all!

Image by: Bianca Nichole + Co

2. Corset Bodice

Corsets are the perfect way to add a touch of sexy to your wedding day look and we saw so many stunning corset bodice gowns at NYBFW this past fall. This trend is here to stay!

3. Ribbon & Bows

Bows have completely taken over in quite literally every aspect of events. Not only is the dainty accessory used in a hairstyle and gowns, but we are also seeing them EVERYWHERE from ribbon bows on wine glass stems, cakes, tablescapes, invitations and more. Bows are the perfect touch for that whimsical, romantic feel.

4. Last Dance

Save the last dance for you and your spouse and end the wedding night with the most intimate moment surrounded by your loved ones. This is your day so soak it all up and share the final moments with your spouse after hours of celebrating!

Image by: Grace & Gold Studios

5. Dramatic Overskirts

Looking for two looks in one gown? Well adding an overskirt to your wedding day look is IN and we have received so many gorgeous overskirts from Made with Love, Scout, Evie Young and more to come!

6. Wedding Day Content Creator

Any Tik Tok or Instagram loving bride is going to LOVE this new emerging trend, and that’s hiring a content creator dedicated to capturing the perfect behind the scenes and more casual moments for you and your guests/ bridal party.  Want to jump on some trending wedding day Tik Tok content but don’t have the time or eye to execute it how you want? Then this service is for you, where your entire bridal party and relax and enjoy the moment while still getting all the real time content you want!

7. Unique Veils

Veils are obviously a traditional touch to your wedding day look, however we are seeing so many brides take their veils to the next level with intricate details, bold lace, and sparkle!

8. Private Vows

Vows are such an intimate moment between a couple and year after year we see so many couples decide to do this privately while capturing the moments in film or photos to share with their loved ones and it is so beautiful.

Image by: Knapp Photo Co

9. Detachable Sleeves

Having detachable sleeves is another unique way to have two looks in one, and we have so many options available in store from puff, sheer, long sleeves and more. This detail added to your gown can create two completely different moods for the ceremony and reception.

10. The Mini

seeing more and more brides, typically Gen Z brides ditch the whole idea of a traditional gown and go for the party mini look and we think it is so versatile and fun!

Happy New Year Babes!

We are looking forward to welcoming new brides into the Revelle family in 2024 and we hope you gathered some inspo from these trends we are loving, and think will be a huge hit for 2024 brides.

We have so many new gowns and accessories arriving in the new year that you don’t want to miss out on, so follow us on Instagram for all the upcoming announcements. If you’re ready to start your dress journey, book now and we will find you the one!