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Complete your wedding day look at Revelle

Revelle Bridal Boutique is thrilled to carry an extensive line of Wedding Jewellery & Bridal Accessories that perfectly complement your wedding day look and we’ve built The Accessory Bar in our space just for you. Our in-house accessories collection, BLVD by Revelle, is now available to purchase online and at the boutique and was specifically created with the Revelle bride in mind. We also love to showcase talented indie designers that are committed to creating unique and on-trend Wedding Jewellery & Bridal Accessories that match the Revelle vibe.

Revelle Bridal Boutique - BLVD Veils and Accessories

blvd | boul • e • vard

“a type of large road, usually running through a city”

BLVD is inspired by the amazing brides who we’ve been lucky enough to meet over the years, the Revelle brides who’ve followed our journey down countless roads and who continue to lead us in the direction of our dreams.

Like our selection of wedding gowns, our new collection of bridal accessories has been carefully curated to ensure that the quality and vibe meets the Revelle standard. BLVD by Revelle pieces are available on the quick for those brides who are concerned about timelines since we will maintain stock of our most popular items.

Ready to add the finishing touches?

Ready to find your perfect bridal accessories? Bring your dress and shoes and get styled from our extensive collection at The Accessory Bar.