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Our Top 6 Shopping Tips for 2023 Brides

Hey Revelle Babes, 

Now that summer is upon us we are seeing so many 2023 brides and we love that, however, we totally understand that starting the dress shopping process can be overwhelming and nerve-wrecking despite what an exciting time it is. We wanted to give you all some of our best wedding dress shopping tips to make sure that you have the most stress-free and enjoyable shopping experience


Start with deciding on the basics, such as your venue, a date or month for the wedding, and a theme or vibe for the wedding. We recommend doing this to make it easier to picture yourself walking down the aisle when trying on different dresses because the kind of wedding you are having can change what you are looking for dress-wise. Keep in mind, when picking your date, it should ideally be about a year and a half away to give yourself enough time to dress shop and book any follow-up consultations, if necessary.


Create a Pinterest board for the style of dresses that you are liking and start doing some research to see which bridal boutiques near you carry the styles you are gravitating towards.  If you need some inspo you can check out our Pinterest!


Before booking your first consultation, decide on an ideal budget and a firm budget so that you can take that into consideration when choosing where to book. Make sure that the bridal boutique you are going to has a few designers in the price range you have decided on so that you can try a variety of styles, while staying within budget. This is super important so that you don’t end up trying dresses out of your budget and then fall in love with something that exceeds the price limit you are comfortable with.

*Pro tip: our In The Shop Pinterest board breaks down each designer by budget for you!


Start by booking one consultation at a time because there is always a possibility that you will find your dream dress your first time out! We recommend starting with the boutique that seems to have a collection that aligns the most with the style you are looking for to start the dress shipping process on a good note!


Take advantage of the services your local bridal boutiques offer! For example, here at Revelle, we offer a pre-consultation service where we give our clients the opportunity to speak to a Revelle stylist who will talk through any questions and concerns with the bride and give the bride some more direction about what they may love at Revelle based on their vibe, style, price point and timeline. We also love doing pre-consultations because we get to know the brides better before they come in so we can build a stronger relationship with each of our brides.


Our final tip is to keep an open mind when you come in for your consultation! While you will probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for when you come in, be open to your stylist picking a wild card for you and try gowns that are catching your eye, even if they aren’t what you expected to like. We often see brides come in with a set idea of what they want and then fall in love with something completely different!


We hope these dress shopping tips are useful and help you have an easy-going and exciting dress shopping journey! Whenever you get overwhelmed, remind yourself why you are getting married and who the day is truly about: you and your partner. We wish you the best of luck and are always here for you if you need us!

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