Though New York Bridal Fashion Week has come to an end, it's only the beginning for brides-to-be who are on the lookout for their wedding gown! Not only that, but Spring is here and at the end of Bridal Fashion Week we always see some new trends that brides can expect to see (and possibly embrace) this year and beyond.

If you're planning to start on your dress shopping journey, now's the time to start your search—especially since the Spring 2025 season delivered a variety of fresh styles that are truly fit for individuals of all aesthetics and you will see them come to Revelle come end of July 2024! This is perfect for brides getting married in early 2025 ! 

1. Detailed Matching Veils 

Who doesn’t love to match and coordinate with their wedding gown? We saw very many edgy and lace veils including Mantilla veils that are making a comeback! 

2. Drop Waist / Basque Waist 

Drop-waist and basque waist silhouettes made a huge comeback this Bridal Fashion Week -  Almost every collection we saw during NYBFW featured a gown with this drop waist/ basque waist and we are loving it! It really elevates each gown. 

3. Cat Eye Necklines 

This definitely was in last October and is still a trend for this upcoming wedding season!  A cat eye neckline is definitely one of the most unique wedding dress necklines. It's a favorite of ours because of how romantic, sophisticated, and a little bit edgy it feels! 

4. Black Gowns 

Our designers are not afraid to play with the color black this season, as some of our designers showcased the dark shade (a shift away from pastel colors, nude and the all white). Of course the designers still offer in their beautiful ivory but for the brides who want to be different, black gowns are coming in the bridal world or something? 

5. Rouched Gowns

Ruching was a hallmark trend in '80s fashion, In a ruched dress, the fabric is intentionally gathered or pleated in specific areas, typically along the bodice, waist, or skirt, to create a visually interesting and often flattering silhouette and Gen Z’s fascination with nostalgic fashion eras of the past. 


 1. Bows

are in because because women are really leaning into their feminine side this season and we know it will remain! 


2. Corset Bodice 

with all the designers i met with, every designer had at least A corset bodice look in their collection, corsetry will make sure you feel totally secure in your wedding dress. Another plus is style its been trending and having a corset on your gown feels couture and this trendy design will have you looking contemporary on your big day.


3. Versatility

brides are still looking for versatility in their gown and wearing a two look in one is always going to be trending. Evie Young definitely elevated their looks by adding detachable sleeves, detachable halter neckline, overskirts and wings! 

Stayed Tuned!

We always love connecting with our stockists to see what they have been working on for their next bridal collections and providing them feedback of what we also want to see for the next season!  We also enjoy connecting and meeting new and old bridal industry friends from all over the world! We are so grateful for the opportunity to have gone, and we so look forward to Market. We have already chosen are picks for this season and we look forward to getting all the new gowns we saw over Bridal Fashion Week in the next few months! Follow us on Instagram + Pinterest to find out more information on when our new styles have arrived!