Madi Lane Designer at Revelle Bridal in Ottawa

Designer Spotlight: Madi Lane

Each dress from Australian bridal designer Madi Lane is inspired by the women in her life and the qualities she most admires about each of them. Tying this together with inspiration from beaches, gardens, and rustic farmers’ markets, Madi Lane puts together some absolute must-see pieces for any bride-to-be.

Although many of her dresses are ‘on-trend’ to what the bridal industry has been gearing towards in recent years, Madi Lane has a strong respect for the history of bridal gown construction and chooses to adhere to some of the most rigorous haute couture practices when designing and creating her dresses.

Contemporary bohemian, modern princess, fashion forward, glamourous and romantic are a few words that can be used to describe Madi Lane’s bridal designs. But we here at Revelle Bridal also think that photos speak louder than words, so scroll down below to discover the enchanting Madi Lane designs we carry for yourselves!