Revelle Bridal Boutique Ottawa - Blog Post - Meet Anna Kara Our Newest Designer

4 Things You Need to Know About Our Newest Designer: Anna Kara

Meet our newest addition to the Revelle Bridal wedding dress collection: Anna Kara.

We have just received our samples from the Polish designer and we are so excited to have our brides come in to try them on. Anna Kara creates beautiful wedding dresses for the modern, whimsical bride. If you are looking for a romantic, soft, boho wedding gown, here is everything you need to know about Anna Kara.

The Making

At Revelle Bridal, we take pride in understanding the dress-making process for each of the designers that we carry. It is important for us to know the details of where the gowns are coming from and how they are made. Anna Kara takes pride and initiative when it comes to the production of each gown, which is something we love to see.

Each wedding gown designed by Anna Kara is made to order with traditional dress-making practices. From the initial sketches to the hand-sewn patches and lace composition, all the gown elements are made in the studio in Krakow, Poland.

Who is Anna Kara?

When we first saw Anna Kara’s wedding gowns, we fell in love with the designs. Her love for design, art and fashion, her education and her experience are reflected through the creation of her final designs.

Anna Kara’s love for beauty, art and fashion grew from a young age. She started her dress-making practices by making gowns for her dolls as a child and which eventually led her to study Art and Fashion Design. Anna Kara’s designs reflect her sensitivity and understanding of the beauty of the world around her.

The Gowns

Looking through Anna Kara’s designs is enough to make you fall in love with her collections but when you touch the gowns, the fit and feel of them are unique to this designer. All the gowns are lightweight and comfortable while still providing support.

Anna Kara uses the highest quality of natural fabrics to create her wedding gowns. She cares about each detail that goes into the production of the gowns. All the materials used create a combination of the emotions of feminine beauty and sensuality hidden in nature.

Trunk Show

While we will always have some of the Anna Kara gowns at Revelle Bridal, we are hosting the Anna Kara Trunk Show on March 4th-7th and May 7th-16th. During this time, we will be sent the whole Anna Kara collection for you to try on. If you are looking for a whimsical, dreamy gown designed by Anna Kara, be sure to book an appointment to try on these gowns! If you purchase an Anna Kara wedding gown during the Trunk Show, you will receive 10% off your special order.