Earleen Garbe

Shop Owner

Having grown up in a family full of business owners and entrepreneurs, it was inevitable that Earleen would end up owning her own business one day. Who would have thought that a Criminology degree and 25 years with the Federal Government would eventually lead her to owning a bridal boutique with her brother and business partner, Lorenz Guarin. Always fascinated with event planning, weddings, fashion and beauty helped in Earleen’s decision to take the leap into running a bridal shop so when the opportunity presented itself in October 2016 she jumped at it. Earleen’s favourite part about owning a bridal shop is meeting new brides and working with them to find the dress of their dreams. She has worked extremely hard to bring new and emerging designers to Ottawa and her personal style shows through in the curated collections available at the shop.  Her hope for Revelle is to eventually be the go-to bridal shop for the modern bride. 



Boutique Manager 

Victoria came to Revelle with an impressive amount of retail experience having worked in a variety of different shops including her most recent stint at another local Ottawa Bridal shop. Victoria's fashion sense can be described as "clean and classic" which perfectly matches the aesthetic of our bridal boutique. As a recent bride herself, she is truly able to assist brides in the careful selection of their entire bridal ensemble since she's a natural in figuring out exactly what style and silhouette best suits the bride. In addition, Victoria has a knack for ensuring that the shop runs smoothly on a daily basis and is the go-to when it comes to making sure our brides have the best bridal experience possible when they visit Revelle.  Her vast experience in the retail industry mostly catering to women and fashion, combined with her valuable organizational skills makes Victoria the perfect boutique manager.


Anne Murayama

Bridal Stylist

Recently engaged in the city of love, Anne understands just how important it is for a bride to turn her vision into a reality. She discovered her passion for bridal fashion when she began modelling in local bridal shows and bridal styled shoots. She has knowledge of current beauty and fashion trends and is capable of guiding any bride through this process. Anne is a believer in subtle, modern-day, timeless elegance. She has a knack for selecting the perfect accessories and has a genuine love for assisting brides in completing their bridal look. Her fun and personal nature make any appointment a comfortable and memorable experience.


Photo by  Brittany Frid

Photo by Brittany Frid


Marisa Garbe

Bridal Stylist  

Following in her mama’s footsteps, Marisa recently started learning the ropes at Revelle in the hopes of one day taking over the family business. As part of the management team of local streetwear shop, NRML, Marisa has gained valuable experience with the ins and outs of a retail business. Although the bridal industry is completely different from other types of retail, having such experience has allowed her to transition smoothly into the role of bridal stylist. Marisa is fashionable, has a keen eye for detail and has strong customer service skills allowing her to develop a connection with the bride in order to help her in choosing the dress of her dreams.




Bridal Stylist

A recent graduate of Algonquin College’s Advertising and Marketing Communications program, Emily is now enrolled in the Public Relations Program to further her education in this growing field. Always dressed to the nines, Emily’s interest in fashion gives her an edge when it comes to helping brides find their dreams. She is a natural at making things look pretty and put together so you can count on Emily to create one of a kind bridal looks for our lovely brides to be. Emily also works as the Content Manager for Stor by Margot Jewelry company which can be found at Revelle Bridal and you may see her taking photos of Stor’s gorgeous engagement rings at the shop or helping our brides select wedding bands for the big day.Her charming and pleasant demeanour and willingness to go above and beyond is an asset to the Revelle Bridal team.



Custom Bridal Designer / Alterations Specialist

Stephanie is an experienced and talented couturier who has been designing one-of-a-kind gowns for over 15 years. She is formally trained with two D.E.C degrees, one in costume and fashion design and the other in fashion marketing. She also holds a B.A. in Humanistic Studies from McGill University. Stephanie’s varied training and experience has helped her to develop and hone certain skills which set her apart from her competition in wedding gown design. As one of our alterations specialists, Stephanie strives to offer our clientele exceptional gowns that are truly the perfect “fit”.  In addition to her role as our in-house alterations expert, Stephanie can also create your dream wedding gown to fit to your personal style, body type, personal values, unique sense of self and price range. We are lucky to have Stephanie as part of our alterations team !




Rebecca Rowe

Alterations Specialist

Rebecca always had an interest in fashion, creating garments out of duct tape and crude hand sewing at a very young age. This passion followed her throughout her life as she pursued her love of creation to Europe, where she obtained her formal design education at ESMOD in Paris.  What originally stimulated Rebecca’s interest in bridal fashion was the image of her parents on their wedding day. A candid shot where the pair of them are laughing and holding each other. In Rebecca’s eyes, her mother’s wedding dress was the most beautiful dress, very on trend in the eighties, but to a young girl who loved fashion it was perfect. Their expressions of pure joy becoming the driving force behind her design and styling. A background in fashion and design gives Rebecca an edge when dealing with brides who are looking for their dream wedding dress. Rebecca’s own expertise in designing ready-to-wear women’s clothing extends to the bridal world where she is able to select the perfect wedding dress style to suit the bride’s silhouette.