At Revelle, we believe in raw talent. After carefully examining a designers collection, dedication to quality and exceptional design, we have curated our collection to ensure that we provide you with a mix of unique and eclectic dress styles that suit every budget. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on all of our new and upcoming arrivals. 



Made With Love Bridal

Made With Love is the unique bridal collection created by Australian designer Carla Hupfield who went actively looking for inspiration in the wedding industry and decided to combine her bold and feminine style with wow factor details to create her very first line in 2013. Designed for the modern bride, the Made With Love collection brings a fresh take on the traditional wedding gown. 


Emmy Mae


Emmy Mae is designed by Australian designer, Carla Jenkins. Emmy Mae was designed for the contemporary bohemian bride who is fiercely in love with life and unafraid of tomorrow. She knows who she is: she is confident, she is untamable, she is Emmy Mae.

Lillian West

The Lillian West collection features classic silhouettes with a unique and modern approach. The impeccable designs feature soft fabrications with delicate beading and necklines. With effortless A-lines, celestial fit and flares, airy ball gowns and soft slip dresses, Lillian West is the perfect blend of romance and elegance.


Noel & Jean

Designed and produced in L.A, Noel and Jean is a brand new collection by Katie May launched in 2016 and features beautiful, sleek and modern designs that appeal to the independent bride who commands a presence in all she does. Noel and Jean is all about creating beautiful pieces at affordable prices. 



Pastel Dress Party


Pastel Dress Party is based in Toronto, Canada and serves brides worldwide. They design beautiful and well built tulle skirts in a wide variety of colours and lengths.


Madi Lane

{Coming Soon}

Madi Lane wanted to create gowns for the many women in her life, they are the inspiration for the collection. Each gown embodies a different quality she admire in each of them and the environment in which you will most likely find them: SKYLAR, natural and at the water’s edge; SAMI, curious and in her garden of an evening and SABRINA, shy and out walking in the early hours of the morning before the rest of the world even open their eyes.


Space 46 Boutique


Space 46 quickly grew into an independent online boutique pioneering in a wide selection tulle styles and colours for casual, formal, and bridal wear.  We are committed to bringing you the most fun and feminine tulle skirts.


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